Best Scholarships in Brazil

By | March 22, 2024

Brazil, a vibrant and diverse country, offers a plethora of educational opportunities for students both domestically and internationally. Scholarships play a crucial role in making higher education accessible to deserving individuals. In this article, we delve into some of the best scholarships available in Brazil, catering to various academic fields and backgrounds.

1. Science Without Borders (Ciência Sem Fronteiras)

Science Without Borders is a flagship scholarship program initiated by the Brazilian government to promote scientific exchange and collaboration. It provides opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as researchers, to study and conduct research abroad. The program covers a wide range of disciplines, including STEM fields, social sciences, and humanities.

2. Brazil Government Scholarships (Bolsas do Governo Brasileiro)


The Brazilian government offers scholarships to foreign students through various programs such as the Brazilian Exchange and Mobility Program (BRAMEX) and the Brazilian Undergraduate Program for International Students (PEC-G). These scholarships cater to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students, enabling them to pursue their academic goals in Brazil.

3. CAPES Scholarships

CAPES (Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior) is a foundation within the Brazilian Ministry of Education that provides scholarships and grants to support research, teaching, and student exchange programs. CAPES offers scholarships for Brazilian students to study abroad and for international students to study in Brazil, fostering academic collaboration and cultural exchange.

4. CNPq Scholarships


The National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico), commonly known as CNPq, offers scholarships and grants to support scientific research and technological development in Brazil. CNPq scholarships are available for undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral studies, as well as for researchers and faculty members.

5. Santander Scholarships

Santander Scholarships are offered through partnerships between Banco Santander and various educational institutions in Brazil. These scholarships support students from diverse backgrounds and academic disciplines, providing financial assistance for tuition fees, living expenses, and research projects. Santander Scholarships aim to promote inclusive education and support talented individuals in reaching their full potential.

6. Fulbright Scholarships


The Fulbright Program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, offers scholarships for Brazilian students, scholars, and professionals to study, conduct research, or teach in the United States. Fulbright scholarships cover tuition, travel expenses, and living stipends, enabling recipients to immerse themselves in academic and cultural exchange experiences.

7. Erasmus+ Scholarships

Erasmus+ is the European Union’s program for education, training, youth, and sport. Brazilian students and academic staff can apply for Erasmus+ scholarships to study, train, or teach in European countries participating in the program. Erasmus+ scholarships promote international mobility and cooperation in higher education, enhancing the skills and competencies of participants.

8. Rotary Foundation Scholarships


The Rotary Foundation offers scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as for professionals, through various scholarship programs such as the Rotary Global Grants and the Rotary Peace Fellowships. These scholarships support individuals pursuing academic studies, vocational training, or peacebuilding initiatives, fostering international understanding and goodwill.

9. Bolsa Escola da Comunidade

Bolsa Escola da Comunidade is a scholarship program implemented by the Brazilian government to support students from low-income families in accessing education. The program provides financial assistance for school supplies, transportation, and other educational expenses, helping to reduce barriers to education and improve academic outcomes for disadvantaged students.

10. Private Scholarships


In addition to government and institutional scholarships, there are numerous private scholarships offered by corporations, foundations, and nonprofit organizations in Brazil. These scholarships may target specific academic fields, demographic groups, or social causes, providing opportunities for students to receive financial support based on merit, need, or other criteria.

In conclusion, Brazil offers a wide range of scholarships to support students, researchers, and professionals in pursuing their educational and professional aspirations. Whether through government programs, institutional partnerships, or private initiatives, these scholarships play a vital role in promoting academic excellence, diversity, and inclusion in Brazil’s higher education landscape. By investing in scholarships, Brazil is investing in the future of its society and contributing to global knowledge exchange and collaboration.

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