First Animated Feature Film That Steven Spielberg Directed

By | February 22, 2024

What was the first animated feature film that Steven Spielberg directed? The right answer is The Adventures of Tintin.

If you are wondering what the first animated feature film that Steven Spielberg directed is, then you should know it is The Adventures of Tintin.


“The Adventures of Tintin” is a 2011 animated adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg. The film is based on the comic book series of the same name created by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. It combines the stories of three of the original Tintin comic books: “The Crab with the Golden Claws,” “The Secret of the Unicorn,” and “Red Rackham’s Treasure.”

This thrilling film follows the young reporter Tintin, his loyal dog Snowy, and the boisterous Captain Haddock on a daring adventure to find a sunken ship rumored to hold a treasure beyond imagination. As they navigate through treacherous waters and face formidable foes, the trio is met with danger at every turn. From ancient curses to high-speed chases, the journey is filled with suspense and excitement.


Along the way, they befriend a quirky cast of characters who join them in their quest, adding humor and heart to their exhilarating escapades. With stunning visuals and a gripping storyline, “The Adventures of Tintin” is a thrilling ride from start to finish.

“The Adventures of Tintin” received widespread acclaim for its stunning animation, thrilling action sequences, and faithful adaptation of the beloved source material. The film’s success extended beyond critical praise, grossing over $373 million worldwide. Fans were delighted to hear about a sequel in development, with Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson returning as producers.