Profile Summary
  • Full Name
    Florence Kasumba
  • Age
    46 years
  • Date of Birth
    26th October 1976
  • Pace of Birth
    Kampala, Uganda.
  • Nationality
  • Education
  • Profession
  • Net Worth
    Over $5 million
  • Marital Status
    Not Married

Actress Florence Kasumba, who was born in Germany, is originally from Uganda. She has appeared in German and Dutch films, but her roles as Ayo in the Avengers films are what have brought her the most fame.

Additionally, she has portrayed Shenzi in The Lion King, Senator Acantha in Wonder Woman, and the Wicked Witch of the East in the NBC television series Emerald City.

Florence Kasumba was born on 26 October 1976 in Kampala, Uganda. She is 46 years old as of 2023. Her immigrant parents raised her in Essen, Germany.


Early Life
Florence's early years were spent in Essen, Germany, despite the fact that she was born in Kampala. She went to kindergarten through 12th grade here.

Florence always knew she would work in the arts. Watching "Starlight Express" at the age of 12 was a watershed moment in her life. From a young age, she had always planned on having a career in show business.

Henry Kasumba is her father, while Namapa Kasumba is her mother. Florence is the oldest of four siblings; her siblings include three sisters and a brother. Florence is currently based in Germany.

Florence's basic and secondary education establishments are a mystery. She graduated from the Dutch Fontys University of Applied Sciences with a triple major in acting, singing, and dancing.

Relationship and Family
Florence Kasumba is currently single. Like the rest of her private life, there is little information available regarding her romantic history.

She does not have a partner or any children at the moment. Nobody knows who her siblings are, who her parents are, or what they did for a job.

Florence Kasumba Net Worth
As an actress, Florence has been acclaimed as among the best in the world. Her acting career is responsible for the vast majority of her fortune ($4 million).

Fans have little information about her personal life but are eagerly anticipating her next endeavor.

Awards & Nominations
Florence's career has spanned decades, and she has starred in several shows, so she has naturally garnered the acclaim she deserves.

2016 - International Rising Star at the Black Entertainment Film, Fashion, Television & Arts Awards (Won)
2019 - Germany‘s Coolest Detective Award (Won)
2020 - Best Actress National at the Jupiter Awards (Won)