Best Delivery Companies In Ghana

Delivery companies in Ghana have definitely helped to reduce the expenses of transport. You can be assured of fast transfers as well as a reliable experience. With the delivery companies in Ghana you will definitely get value for your money when you use these companies. They have incorporated technology to make the experience even better for you.

Best Delivery Companies

In no order of priority, below is the list of the top best delivery companies in Ghana with their physical address and contact number.

  • DHL Express Ghana
  • FedEx Ghana
  • Street Express
  • United Parcel Delivery (UPS)
  • IAS Ghana Limited
  • Kasi Express
  • Eagle Express
  • OAK Express Limited
  • McDan Shipping Company
  • Mediterranean Shipping Company
  • Apex Shipping
  • Shield Runner

DHL Express Ghana

DHL Express Ghana is one of the best international delivery companies in Ghana. The company which was established in 1969 in the United States has grown to have numerous branches across many countries including Ghana.

DHL Express Ghana is known for the quality and unique services it offers. You can visit their Ghana headquarters to access any of their services at C913/3 North Ridge Crescent Road, North Ridge. P.O Box 207, Accra or call +233302213090-7.

FedEx Ghana

Similar to DHL Express Ghana, FedEx Ghana is another international delivery company in Ghana that offers quality services. With over 40 years of quality services, FedEx is trusted and widely used by many across the world. FedEx Ghana is a subsidiary of the main brand FedEx which has a presence in over 200 countries in the world.

Do you need a delivery company to handle your goods and packages? You can visit their headquarters in Ghana at 138 Airport West Residential Area, Accra, or call +233501605000.

Street Express

Here is another delivery company in Ghana with proven records and years of experience. Street Express offers various types of delivery services including local pickup, door-to-door delivery, deliveries of packages and parcels for business and individuals, international delivery, and so on.

You can visit Street Express Ghana headquarters at C135 Olusegun Obasanjo Road, Roman Ridge, Accra or call 0302201417 for more information about their services.

United Parcel Delivery (UPS)

Ever heard of UPS? It is one of the best delivery companies in Ghana with proven records and years of quality services. Like many other delivery companies in Ghana on our list, UPS is an international delivery company with a lot of brands under it.

The American company offers different services under UPS airlines, UPS Supply Chain Stores, UPS Logistics, UPS I-Parcel, and so on. You can access any of their services in Ghana by visiting the Ghana head office at Kotoka International Airport, Cargo D Accra.

IAS Ghana Limited

IAS Ghana Limited is a popular delivery company in Ghana with over 25 collection centers. They have different branches across cities and towns in Ghana. Being a Franchise of FedEx since 1993, they offer safe and secure delivery services. Visit IAS Ghana Limited at 138 Airport West, Airport Residential Area, Accra or call 233501631000 for more information about their services.

Eagle Express

The list of the best delivery companies in Ghana will not be completed without mentioning Eagle Express. Since its incorporation in 2008, Eagle Express has been offering fast and reliable delivery services to customers.

As a result of their quality services, they have gained numerous customers across the different sectors including banking and finance, manufacturing and so many more. Eagle Express Ghana headquarters is at 138C Doris A. Obodai Avenue, Rasta Park, Tantra Hill Accra. You can visit them for more information or call +233302422086.

OAK Express Limited

Despite being a domestic delivery company in Ghana, OAK Express Limited offers quality delivery services with international standards. They convey goods, documents, parcels, and packages in good conditions to their customers.

Like every top best courier company in Ghana, they allow tracking of movement of goods from one location to another making it easier.

Apex Shipping

When it comes to quality delivery services, easy customs clearance, and other related services, Apex Shipping is one of the best in Ghana. Since its establishment in 1997, Apex Shipping has become popular and to be one of the best international freight forwarding companies in Ghana.

There are many branches littered across different entries and exits in Ghana. Thus, making it one of the best courier companies in Ghana that can handle your delivery safely.

Kasi Express

Ever heard of Kasi Express? It is one of the most popular delivery companies in Ghana. Kasi Express offers different services ranging from haulage to Logistics to dispatch services and so on. They are widely used as a result of their Same-Day Express services which are fast and reliable.

Are you a business owner or an individual who wishes to transport goods or packages from one location to another? Visit Kasi Express Ghana headquarters at 43, Ring road central, Accra to get started or call +233577619444.

Mediterranean Shipping Company

Here is another international delivery company in Ghana with quality delivery services. Mediterranean Shipping Company has branches across 155 countries in the world including Nigeria. Thus, they are safe and secure to use.

McDan Shipping Company

This is another shipping company in Ghana that offers excellent delivery services. McDan Shipping Company is known for handling chartered cargo flights as well as delivery services in Ghana. The company has over 2400 seas and airports around the whole world. To contact McDan or get more information about their services, you can call +233302762280.

Shield Runner

In addition to the list of delivery companies in Ghana, Shield Runner offers safe, secure, and fast delivery services across the country. They deliver and transport goods, packages, documents, and parcels for individuals, businesses, and organizations. Visit Shield Runner Ghana Headquarters to get more information about their services at 20 Atta Mills Street, Ofankor, Greater Accra.

There are many other courier companies in Ghana like Aramex Ghana, OMA Ghana Limited, Cosmic Delivery Express, and so many others. But we have taken our time to gather the top best delivery companies in Ghana with their headquarters and phone number. Feel free to choose any.